11 July 2006

E la coppa del mondo torna in Italia

Around 600.000 people in Fori Imperiali to meet Italian Footbal team back from Germany. A big big party to celebrate our World Cup Winner !!!!! Cannavaro Our Captain!

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Circa 600.000 in Fori Imperiali per celebrare la vittoria degli azzurri ai mondiali Germania 2006 . GRAZIE CANNAVARO !!!!

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santy said...

again...congrats to Italy!

midnitebara said...


~tanty~ said...

Wow, what a big party and celebration! They deserve it!

Eric said...

I think this kind of photo would be better with the Eiffel Tower in the background!!! Just kidding Joe.

Congrats again.

Neorelix said...

congratualtions! Nice photo, nice party!

Tomate Farcie said...

Eric, I totally agree! ;)

Wow. 600,000 people is certainly a lot of people! Good for you guys! Enjoy!

Mile Stones said...

MM & ZZ managed to ruin the spectacle for me (something must have made Zizou lose his cool that bad 10 minutes from the end of his entire career!!). But I acutally just wanted to say Joe that I think you personally have had a superb Mondiale. your photos of Roma in Festa are just wonderful, the best I've seen, paarticularly the moving cars. I'm in Lisbona, it was the same up to July 5th! It IS the latino way, partying, non é vero?