31 March 2008

Grey Sky

Grey Sky from the window of my study at the Gianicolo ...where is my spring?

30 March 2008

Burlesque festival in Rome

Three days Festival of Burlesque in Rome at the Micca Club. Girls from London Theaching Burlesque sexy streep teese tecnique to roman's girls

17 March 2008

Boxe Grand Gala

Boxe match at the Palaboxe in Rome : Giorgio Natalizi wins.

13 March 2008

Coffe time

Espressamente ILLY , il bellissimo caffè nella Galleria Colonna a Roma. Ve lo consiglio per un buonissimo caffè durante una passeggiata in centro.

Espressamente ILLY , the beautiful cafè inside Galleria Colonna in the center .

09 March 2008

big monkey-sapiens in Rome

An artkork from "ROMA Contemporary art exhibithion"

04 March 2008

BIG BLU Exhibithion in Rome

Sunday closed the roman sea exhibithion The BIG-BLU
I wanted to buy my new boat but I've found only a marlyn statue!

02 March 2008

1st Contemporary ART FAIR in Rome

Sunday evening has closed the first Contemporary Art fair in Rome . It has been a lot of succes . Thousands of visitors from all Italy . The real competitor of Bologna ArteFiera

visit the web site: Roma Contemporary Art Fair

01 March 2008

Theme day : Mural or Graffiti

Graffiti in ostiense district in Rome .