31 January 2006

Benvenuti a Roma Termini

"Benvenuti a Roma Termini" means "Welcome to Roma Termini" . Welcome to the new railway station in Rome. It's the biggest station of the City. Have a look to the web site.But if you want to book a tiket and take a train go here.
Ph: ©2006, giovanni de angelis

30 January 2006

Rome Railway Station

The Metro gate at the Railway Station in Rome "TERMINI". It's the sqare outside the entrance to the station and stop for all the bus which start for the city. The station is also the house for hundreds of people and 10 people are dead in the last 2 weeks for the strong cold. Yesterday a celebration in memory of Modesta Valenti , a woman dead some days ago and who lived in the station.
Ph: © 2006, giovanni de angelis

29 January 2006

Dream at the Colosseo

During the night you go on the big road , 'Fori Imperiali' , which starts from Piazza Venezia , and you can see at the end the big structure of the "COLOSSEO". You arrive closer and it's like a dream . Suggestion of neverending life . Eternity . Power . You can loose contact with the others around you and hear voices of gladiators of a no time dimension . you are in a place not place where yellow lights of the past run throu your mind.
Ph: © 2006, giovanni de angelis

28 January 2006

Turist in Rome

Dear friends , today a picture from my archive because I'm out of Rome . I'm in Bologna ( north of Italy) for an art exhibithion: artefiera .http://www.artefiera.bolognafiere.it The state of the art in the art world.
In the photo: a turist in Rome
Ph: © 2006, giovanni de angelis

27 January 2006

The hot spot

This is a picture from Via dei Condotti watching the church Trinità dei Monti and the big "obelisco" , roman imitation of egyptian one built during imperial period.
The obelisco represent the connection between the church and the big famouse perron where thousands of turists sit every day of every year warming under the hot sun of Rome!
The church is restructuring and so big spot (the versace one is now evident) are mounted on the face of the building. Here in rome ,the covering with big photo during a building restructuring is become an important business!!!! Many ancient buildings ...many restructurings...many big surfaces for spots = money
Ph: © 2006, giovanni de angelis

26 January 2006

Versace covers Trinità dei Monti

Works in and out the church of Trinità dei Monti. A big reclame , a big Stamp covers all the church but the eyes of the models seams to perfectly mix with the church of Trinità dei Monti. Big lens for a big monument
Ph: © 2006, giovanni de angelis

25 January 2006

Fontanone with ICE

Today 2 degrees centigrade (35,6 Fahrenheit) in Rome and the water inside the big fountain on the top of the hill of Gianicolo is ICE even if an impessive sun is warming the air.
The big fountaine on Gianicolo Hill is in Via Garibaldi , close to S.Pietro and Montorio sqare and it's well known with the name of "Fontanone". It is similar to the Mosè fountaine in S.Bernardo sqare but this is more elegant. It was realized between 1608 and 1612 by Giovanni Fontana with the collaboration of Flaminio Ponzio.
© 2006, giovanni de angelis

24 January 2006

The big Hall in Palazzo Poli

The big hall in Palazzo Poli which is the building where is located the incredible fountaine Fontana di Trevi.
This is the location of importants cultural events in Rome.
© 2006, giovanni de angelis