22 October 2006

Antonio Pappano

Antonio Pappano director in concert at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome for the final day of Rome Film Fest. Extraordinary concert !!!!

Antonio Pappano direttore dell'orchestra per il concerto di chiusura del Festival del Cinema di Roma . Un concerto straordinario!!!!


Eric said...

It looks like you took this photo from the percussion section or the chorus singing from behind. Where were you? Love it!

tr3nta said...

love to see how live is around the world... good 'shots'... visit me, tell me what u think... bye...

Anonymous said...

oh he's so full of emotions...Great shot!


Joe said...

Dear Eric
Yes The Sala Petrassi in Auditorium is circular so you can sit also behind and so you can see the director while working.

Frederik said...

He's always full of energy!

I wonder if he learned the score good enough since his face is looking down ;-)

Did you photograph other conductors?