16 December 2006

Bucatini alla Matriciana

A caracteristi roman pasta : PASTA ALLA MATRICIANA, in this case Bucatini alla matriciana
Tonight a fantastic matriciana in Trilussa resturant in trastevere district. Buonissima


Kate said...

Good colour and good photo. Makes me hungry!

Lavender Lady said...

The color is what attracted me at first...but I vote with Kate...I'm hungry!

Jing said...

i like pasta~~
the colour make me hungry too.
have a nice weekend.

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lynn said...

Looks delicious!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

My friend took me to lunch yesterday at an Italian restaurant run by first generation Italians. And it was delicious! The pasta sauce tasted exactly like the sauces I had when I was in Rome many years ago. Rome is definitely on the top of my next vacation.

Lisi said...

geez, this makes me miss Italian food...the real Italian food in Italy :-)

Pandora said...

Gnam, Gnam!!!
Che buoni!!
Mi ricordano tanto Sordi in "Un americano a Roma"!!
Tanti anni fa ho cenato da "Agustarello". C'รจ ancora?
E "Gigetto o scopettaro"?

Joe said...

Ce stanno ancora tutti!!!!
Tranquilla ... Qui si mangia alla grande! Viva la matriciana!

jeangibson.com said...

Please no more food photos. I get an urge to jump aboard a plane and make a visit.

sole said...

bella foto.
un appunto: si dice "pasta all'amatriciana", in onore del paese d'origine. amatrice.

good photo, but the right name is "pasta all'amatriciana", because it takes its name from amatrice, little city near rome.