03 May 2007

New churchs in Rome

New churchs are growing in Rome . This is the cross of the new church on Via della Magliana
Nuove chiese stanno crescendo a Roma. Qui uno scorcio della nuovissima chiesa in via della Magliana


Glenn Standish said...

Simple but effective! I love the contrast between the dark blue cross and the light blue sky. Very good! Greetings from ToruĊ„ Daily Photo here in Poland!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I have ever seen a pretty cross. People tend to think of them as attractive until they see how the Romans used them to crucify people. It is a symbol much loved and equally hated. I like your photograph of this cross, nearly black, against a blue sky. We have made some progress, as I seldom see brown, polluted skies anymore.

Dina said...

new churches same religion or different??

nuove chiese con le stessa religione ?

Paris Set Me Free said...

Rome is a place I'm dying to visit but haven't made it there yet.

I like your photographic style - you manage to make ordinary things look artistic - well done!

All the best from Paris on our 'New President' day!