28 October 2007

Red Trevi Fountaine

19 ottobre : un uomo sotto il nome di un presunto gruppo futurista ,tinge di rosso la fontana di Trevi . La fontana era bellissima con quell'acqua tutta rossa. Ho avuto una straordinaria occasione di fotografare la fontana dall'alto . Forse pubblicherò in futuro quelle immagini straordinarie. Per ora una immagine della fontana a meno di un ora prima che la svuotassero del tutto .

October 19th a man of a Futuristic movement turns Trevi fountain waters red. I've had extraordinary occasion of making picture of it directly from the top of the fountaine.
I can't publish right now but in future I'll show U.
Trevi fountain in red was an extraordinary experience. Here an image one hour before changing of water.


Michi - Fotoblog said...

O felix Roma1 I like Rome. It´s my favourite city! I´ve been there 5 times. Bu it´s long ago...

joy said...

Your photo reminds me of this classic movie Three Coins In The Fountain. It's a lovely photo.

Norwich Daily Photo

teo mocchi said...

NDP celebrates its first year!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a most unusual photograph of the Trevi Fountain - splendid! You may also enjoy viewing the Rome photographs submitted by members of our community at trivago.
Greetings from Cape Town,

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I have thrown my money in there to go back to Rome