21 February 2008

National Geographic exhibithion

10 years of National Geographic Italy and 120 years on National Geographic in the world in a big exhibithion in Rome at the new Palazzo delle Esposizioni .


Nihal said...

Quello di National Geographic mi piace tantissimo sempre, specialmente la natura e il mondo. Certo che ha in mostra collectiva 'acqua-aria-fuoco-terra' le immagini dei piu' importanti fotografi di N. Geographic al Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Ho visitato Stanley Kubrick mostra al Palazzo delle Esp., grande e bello. Mille grazie per la notizia:)

Sally said...

Great to see you back again. I wonder what will be on in May/June? I will be in Rome from 23 May to 5 June. Can't wait! (I must start by visiting all my favourite Carvaggios!)

Nihal said...

Wow, Sally from Istanbul? Great:)
A little help for you, you can buy Guida La Scelta ''Roma c'e' '' when you arrive in Rome, from any newspaper kiosk. Its very useful and a perfect guide for any visitor to Rome. I'm used to get it and follow all the activities in Rome as much as I can, all are address-given as well. Very practical. You can also visit its website here: www.romace.it
Of course, being a native Joe can give you any other advices:)
Buon viaggio a te, enjoy la Citta Eterna:)

Dan said...

Fantastic! What a great magazine and wonderful pics. Some truely great photographers have been part of National Geographic over the years.

Anonymous said...