17 March 2008

Boxe Grand Gala

Boxe match at the Palaboxe in Rome : Giorgio Natalizi wins.


Chuck Pefley said...

There is no way I would want to be in that ring with those two men!

Non vorrei essere in lotta con questi due pugili!! Questi uomini significa guardare!

Anonymous said...

That has got to hurt. You captured the fight and the photo looks good.

Rafa said...

really liked the colors, and basketball backboard in the background

Bergson said...

the boxers are admirably photographed


Carlos said...

Great shot. I like the pose, the moment of you captured in this fight.

iBlowfish said...

Cool shot!, I have been wanting to capture this kind action in boxing ring.

Louis la Vache said...

Louis la Vache has added a link to your Photo Blog at his new "San Francisco Bay Daily Photo" blog.

Louis also writes
"The Frog Blog of Louis la Vache"
"Les Recettes de Louis la Vache"

À bientôt!

Dan said...

Wonderful point of view and love the effect of the wide angle lens. Did you add the vignetting or is that from the lens?