31 January 2006

Benvenuti a Roma Termini

"Benvenuti a Roma Termini" means "Welcome to Roma Termini" . Welcome to the new railway station in Rome. It's the biggest station of the City. Have a look to the web site.But if you want to book a tiket and take a train go here.
Ph: ©2006, giovanni de angelis


Rodney said...

I am American so I will ask this question. Isn't there a McDonalds on the left? Nice shot!

Joe said...

There is a Mc on the right , from that point of view. And another one in the sqare behind on the right

but a Mc Donald is also in the station

So , 3 Mc close
Why u ask about Mc ...u work for Mc?

Rodney said...

I visited the station in March and wanted a Coke lite and fries so I had Mcdonalds. My wife had Mr. Panini right next to the McDonalds. No, I do not work for Mc. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.