29 January 2006

Dream at the Colosseo

During the night you go on the big road , 'Fori Imperiali' , which starts from Piazza Venezia , and you can see at the end the big structure of the "COLOSSEO". You arrive closer and it's like a dream . Suggestion of neverending life . Eternity . Power . You can loose contact with the others around you and hear voices of gladiators of a no time dimension . you are in a place not place where yellow lights of the past run throu your mind.
Ph: © 2006, giovanni de angelis


Anonymous said...

wrong photo???

georgette said...

I like your blog, very nice.
Great photo!

fashion survivor said...

Finally, a Rome daily photo blog so I can see my beloved Eternal City! I used to live a 10-minute walk from the Colosseo. Sigh. Thank you Joe.

Karine said...

Great shot you got there! I want to see more night pictures from Rome !! :))