13 May 2006

1000 miglia

Millemiglia is an old race with old cars . They start from Brescia , pass throu Rome ( tonight at 21:00 ) and then back to Brescia . Have a look
Mille miglia

Millemiglia รจ una tradizionale gara di macchine d'epoca. Partenza da Brescia , passaggio per Roma ( questa una foto delle 21 di ieri ) e poi ritorno a Brescia . Date un occhiata
Mille miglia


Blandine said...

What a nice car! I like the effect of the lights on this picture, making movement... bravo!

Nerissa said...

Way cool picture. Way cool car.

Denton said...

The motion shown in this photo is outstanding. I especially like the small beam of light from the blue car. In fact the color of the car contrast with the buildings adds to the photo as well.

Sam said...

What a super photo!!!
And I loved seeing the museum pictures below - just lovely!!
I miss Rome!!

Rodney said...

Nice shot! I have a friend who's dad runs one of these races. He is from Naples too!

Rodney said...


The web site is millemiglia.net. Mille Migia club of America.