23 June 2006

glorie del passato

a particular view about fori imperiali from Campidoglio sqare. ou can see also the Colosseum design.


Marie McC said...

Well composed photo. I love ancient structures, even if there's not much left of them.

luggi said...


heidi said...

You should sell your photos to the postcard company.


Kris said...

beautiful eventhough in ruin..nice composition

dutchie said...

Very nice ruin!

Mónica said...

Una visión melancólica maravillosa! Roma hoy está impregnada de su glorioso pasado, es dificil caminar cinco minutos sin encontrarse con los restos monumentales de un pasado que aún sigue vivo! Mónica.

Anne said...

Beautiful shot Joe! This structure is really magnificent!

Joe said...

marie mcc: thankU Marie I love roman ruins too
Luggi: yess it' roma style
heidi: yes y're right I've to work for this
kris: I'm happy u like , i loved that composition when i put my camera on a little rock to make this shot
dutchie: thanks
Monica: grazie monica hai ragione Roma è incredibile
Anne: grazie