01 June 2006

What are they doing?

Some days ago I made this shot . What are they doing? camera on the car...are they recording a movie of the street for cinema use or digital use like a software or a video game?
Who know?

Qualche giorno fà scattai questa foto. Cosa stanno facendo? telecamere sull'automobile .... stanno forse facendo un filmato della strada per il cinema o per un utilizzo digitale, ad esempio per un software o un video-game? avete qualche idea?


Kris said...

no idea..funny looking! more like those CCTV's cam.

FredB said...

I know that TeleAtlas, the guys who produce maps for TomTom GPS devices, do record videos of the world's roads. Using sophisticated software (I guess), they are able to store trafic signs, speed limit indicators, etc. But it may not be that at all!

luggi said...

I'd like to know.

Toulouse Photo Day said...

it is the police force secretes of Rome..

dutchie said...

That is weird!

Mark said...

Big brother is watching you!!
It could be mapping for GPS.

Louise said...

maybe the owner is really security conscious and really doesn't want his/her car stolen.

Anonymous said...

Ho letto qualche settimana fa che i Vigili Urbani avevano attrezzato alcune macchine con videocamere, nella lotta contro il parcheggio in doppia fila... che sia questo? Forse non sbagliava quindi chi parlava delle "police force secretes of Rome". Ciao Giovanni

Anonymous said...

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