30 August 2006

Honda SH 150 fashion scooter

Many romans are coming back in the town
and many use their scooter to go around. Honda Sh 150 is the most sold and more
diffused in Rome . Thousands of SH . It is really solid , fast , beautiful and
useful thanks to it’s high wheels that let U go easy on roman ancient streets
commonly full of  holes and “sanpietrini” the caratteristic street floors .

Honda SH 150 on honda Italia website


Wilf James said...

One of these would do me fine for getting around the country side where I live in France.

Can you send me one Joe?

Joe said...

Yes ...I'll send u one in next days ...what colour?

Anonymous said...

For those who speak Italian, I just found this blog: HONDA SH ITALIAN BLOG

JAS said...

I have the red SH150i and it is awesome! I'm 61 years old and we purchased two. My husband I ride all over Arizona, USA. I NEED a rear trunk and can't find one. Please advise: jnsump@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

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