07 August 2006

Tiberina island from the 8

Going with tram n. 8 U pass on a bridge from where U can have a good view of tiberina island . The only one on the Tevere river exactly in the center of Rome between trastevere district on one side and ebraic ghetto on the other one.

Viaggiando sul tram n.8 si passa su un ponte dal quale è possibile avere una bella vista dell'isola Tiberina. L'unica isola sul tevere esattamente al centro città tra Trastevere ed il ghetto ebraico


Run Around Paris said...

Interesting photo...thanks for the reply about places to eat in Rome - my friends and I are really excited about our visit in September. We want to have gelato and of course lots of pasta! But, I'd like to eat where the locals eat, you know - maybe some places "less touristy."

Joe said...

no worry. keep in touch and tell me when u come. we could meet if u want

Run Around Paris said...

That's very kind of you! I will absolutely let you know - your knowledge of the city would be so much appreciated!

ricardo said...

abbiamo visitato Roma e abbiamo anche noi questa fotografia : www.objectif-plume.net

vos photos nous donnent envie d'y retourner