20 September 2006

The Jean-Michael Basquiat Show

Dear Friends ,
Sorry for no pubblication in these days but I was in Milan for work and to be close to my sweet Valerie who has made a fantastic job in organizing the most important show in Europe about
The Jean-Michael Basquiat Show
. Yesterday night the opening in Milano at the


Denton said...

Your photo is very impressive. Is Valerie one of the ladies in the photo? The art on the Jean-Michael Basquiat Show website was powerful. Interestingly, my wife and I watch a biographic movie titled Basquiat not long ago.

Anonymous said...

cool advertisement!!!
cool faces~~~

Joe said...

Valerie is the one on the right !
Yes I invite you all in watching the relly cool film "Basquiat"


eurobrat said...

I would love to see that show.