12 September 2006

Le Poste Italiane

This is logo of Italian Post Company and this is a Post Office in Trastevere district.
There are 151.129 people who work for Poste Italiane in 13.881 Post Office all over Italy for a business of 16.486,2 euro/year. Incredible!
Here the official Poste Italiane web site in english:
Poste Italiane

Questo è il logo delle Poste Italiane e qui un ufficio in Trastevere.
Ci sono 151.129 persone che lavorano nei 13.881 uffici postali dislocati sul territorio nazionale per un volume di affari annuo pari a 16.486,2 euro all'anno. Incredibile no?
Qui il sito internet delle poste in italiano:
Poste Italiane


Thiên said...

Good morning Joe. Your post reminds me I must make a trip to our post office this morning. I'll see if there's an interesting shot there. I love the colors you have. Our postal service colors are blue and white. Patriotic I guess though we could be snazzier with vibrant colors like this.

kris said...

how do they sustain the labour cost?? anyway, that's a very modern logo for post off.

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