17 March 2007

koop concert in rome

The Extraordinary voice of Yukimi Nagano for the K O O P concert yesterday at the Auditorium of Rome for the MIT In Town program .
Sweet sweeden sonority in the perfect acustic room at he auditorium!


jb said...

Hey Joe

exquisite composition and lighting. Just wonderful.

don said...

nice picture!!. Hope you enjoy the concert. KOOP makes nice music

Kate said...

Not familiar with her, but I intend to surf the web to learn more. Lighting is great in photo.

valerie said...

Joe, I love dancing with Koop music.. ;-)

Nice Shot!



angela said...

I know nothing of the singer but your photo is lovely. I especially like the fact that her face is off to one side.

Joe said...

here the KOOP website to listen some music . They are extraordinary.www.k-o-o-p.com
Grazie a tutti

undan said...

I love koop, and I love the song called "come to me" ..hehe