25 March 2007

luce di pietra

Palazzo Farnese lighted for the new event Luci di Pietra .
All french building lighted in very special way


Anonymous said...

Rome, the eternal city, that did outlast the Greek empire. Rome, the city that made blood-letting and killing a sport that attracted thousands of people. Rome, where the popes live and die. Rome, where Trajan's column still stands and where our beloved 26 letters came from. I love your city and Rome's history is very rich up to and including World War II. I get to see it now, alive in your photographs. Thank you for that.
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Joe said...

Thank U Abrahm
I'm very glad for your words!

Un grande abbraccio da Roma

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nonsisamai said...

che bella roma di sera...

Joe said...

Grazie nonsisamai!!!!