04 April 2007

500 & Cinema

In all newspaper shops reviews talk about new 500 arriving in july but , by now I still prefer the old one ....expecially one like this ! and they agree!


valerie said...

It's very funny!
Nice Shot..

AinZ said...

OMG, OMG!!! I just was in Rome for a long weekend until yesterday and I swear I took a picture of the exact same yellow & black Fiat 500!! I think it was yesterday morning, (or it might have been on Monday-dunno, lose track of time on vacation...) I know it's the same one b/c I remember the leopard print seats and the stuffed animals in the back window. Yours turned out way better though...

Mimmu said...

Clever picture and fun!
I would like to rent a private paradise in Rome for one week just now because of huge snowing here !

Happy Easter to you!

Dsole said...

funny picture!
I do prefer the oldest 500 too! it's so cute!