27 April 2007


Dear friends, sorry if it's long time I do not publish new photos but I've been really too busy for organizing my new exhibithion "Contemporary Districts#1: SHIBUYA" at the National Museum of oriental arts here in Rome ( opened from 19th of april till 6th of may) for "FotoGrafia" the International Photo Festival of Rome , edition n. 6 .
Here an image from my new work. Ciao to all

Cari amici, mi scuso se è da tanto che non pubblico nuove immagini ma ho attraversato un periodo di intensa attività per l'organizzaione della mia nuova mostra "Contemporary Districts#1: SHIBUYA" al Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale ( aperta dal 19 aprile al 6 maggio) per "FotoGrafia" Festival Internazionale di Roma VI edizione.
Qui una foto tratta dal mio nuovo lavoro. Ciao a tutti e ...per chi è a Roma in questo periodo, Vi invito a visitare la mostra . Domenica 29 sarò presente al museo la mattina.


Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Congratulations and lots of success with your exhibition!
Beautiful website, too.
Thank you for sharing,

macky said...

Grazie mille per tuo commento.
I saw your other website, Contemporary District, Shibuya. It is really cool, like your photo blog. Acually, I don't like the city but the city changes into the art through your photo and video technique.

Do the exhibition hold in Tokyo, too?

Ming_the_Merciless said...


I really love the photo you posted here. It depicts the energy of Shibuya very well.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I went to your exhibition site and I love the soundtrack to SHIBUYA too.

I wish I have your talent as an artist.

Marc said...

Joe, that's a very impressive photo! I hope, your exhibition is successful!

All the best,


UltraMint said...

somehow it looks like backstreet of shanghai or hongkong. very impressivo~