08 November 2007

La ladra di Trevi

Eccola qui l'esperta ladra di monetine che a fontana di Trevi va a pesca!!! e finchè i vigili non la scoprono prosegue imperterrita a infilare la sua bacchettina calamitata per raccogliere qualche spiccio.
Here she is! the Trevi fountain thief! She uses a wand with a magnet and she makes fishing in the fountain like a little lake of gold coins!


Nihal said...

Oh..no! Unfortunately those tourism thiefs are everywhere, not only in Roma:( Hope she did not make fishing my coin in the fountain, otherwise magic does not work and I cannot return back to Roma:)

Bucefalo said...

Which colour Trevi's Fontana has today?

przewodnikpokrakowie said...

Ma vuol dire che i turisti non potranno ritornare a Roma, se le loro monetine sono state tirate fuori?

Joe said...

coins are allways taken from the administration of Rome , otherwise fountais will be all full of money.

But I hope for "Nihal" that this does't take her coin . We wait 4 U back here in ROME...Now is magic!

Ciao e a presto
Qualcuno va a Parigi questo weekend?
Someone will be in Paris next weekend?

Isadora said...

There are always policemen at the fountain, why do they allow her to do it??