08 February 2006

Crossing at Circo Massimo

A shot from my car while 2 nuns crossing the road at Circo Massimo .
This oval basin, nearly 600 meters long, is almost entirely filled in with dirt. It was once a race track. It was made in the time of the Etruscan kings (presumably Tarquinio Prisco). Augustus adorned the brick structure with an imperial stage, which was rebuilt by Trajan, enlarged by Caracalla and restored by Constantine. During the reign of Constantine, the Circus could hold more than 200,000 spectators. Today only the outline remains (the area it occupied is now a public garden but often is used for concerts or big events like the big party when Rome football team win the Italian cup ).


bob said...

Hi Joe. The black and white of their habits goes well with the zebra crossing. Camouflage?

Joe said...

yes u're right!!!!

Anonymous said...

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