04 February 2006

Walter Veltroni , Mayor of Rome

Walter Veltroni improved Rome in an extraordinary way. Not only are the public services better now than they were in the past; he fully realized that Rome's greatest capital is tourism and art. New museums and villas, the Auditorium by Renzo Piano, free concerts of international importance with artists such as McCartney and Simon & Garfunkel, the Europe Music Award and "La casa del Jazz" where I've taken this shot. The improvement of the road network and the new trains in the underground; the struggle against unauthorized building; a serious environmental policy; the expansion of malls; the care and consideration for people's problems; and immigrants, above all, a way of acting in politics without imposing oneself but by dialogue and comprehension. He really has a kind word for all. Thank you, Mr Veltroni. Ph: © 2006 , giovanni de angelis


bob said...

Hi Joe,

very difficult things to do! Did you get that close to take a photo of the mayor?

Sidney said...

Nice to hear that you have a good mayor. Not everybody can say so!

Joe said...

Yes Bob , I was there for a reportage so I was really close to him.