05 February 2006

"Sola Andata" a different trip

Yesterday I've been to India Theatre ,Via L. Pierantoni, 6, Rome where I've seen a very interesting show on immigrates: "Single Gone. A different travel from the others ".
"Single Gone trip " it's an interactive show where you can live the real experience of an immigrate who leave his country to look for a best life in Europe . I's like a role game where plases are reconstructed like natural measure of atmospheres . The visitor is invited to identify in one of the figures of immigrant , I was Assif from Bangladesh, and you have to understand the reasons why you want to leave your native country, the difficulties met in the arrival in the europe country, the contacts with the bureaucracy, the working and social insertion. The stages of this distance are guided from actors of foreign origin them self.
The Show was presented in december with the presence of the Mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni, the President of the Lazio Region Piero Marrazzo, the President of the Provence of Rome Enrico Gasbarra and presented by the the High Commissariat of the United Nations for Shelters - UNHCR- Laura Boldrini. more images
Ph: © 2006, giovanni de angelis


Dean Harvey said...

hi - I've started a daily photo from Brighton


I've placed a link to your site - if you like my website I'd love a link back as well.



bob said...

Hi Joe,

Good shot and very interesting content. I'd like to go too.

Sidney said...

Wow! That is interesting. The spectator is also active !
They should do that in more cities around the world !