26 March 2006

Portaportese Market

It can be very amusing to have a walk and do some shopping in the most famouse and ancient Roman Market: Portaportese. It is situated on Via Portuense (along the street) which is closed for the cars on Sunday morning . You can find there everithing you want used or new and it is very extraordinary experience walking there throu curious people looking for their special thing to buy. Just a recomandation: take care of your wallet and stay away if you see a group of people palying the game of the three cards!!

Può essere davvero divertente fare una passeggiata e comprare qualcosa nel mercato romano più antico e famoso : Portaportese. Si trova in Via Portuense ( ne occupa la strada) che per l'occasione viene chiusa la domenica mattina. Ci puoi trovare qualsiasi cosa tu desideri sia usata che nuova ed è una esperienza straordinaria camminare lì tra gente curiosa intenta a cercare e comprare il loro oggetto speciale. Solo una raccomandazione : Attenti al portafogli e state lontani se vedete gruppi di persone che giocano al gioco delle 3 carte
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bob said...

Hi Joe,

Good means of transport - cross between a horse and a bike.

People play the three-card trick here too - a bit dangerous but give the place character.

Edwin Sumun said...

This makes me want to be a child again!

Yes Bob, I stayed away from them when I was in your city.


Hi there, I think your fotos R good as well! I especially like that "Aviaria virus fobia" one, it's like an objet d'art! :)

Pamela said...

That is sweet. Wish I could have been there, my friend is about to give birth and this would make a great gift for the future bambino.

mea said...

What is the three-card game?

Brian said...

Great stuff, gives a real feel of the city...

Anonymous said...

il mio nipotino si chiama Mauro vorrebbe tanto avere un tricicolo così

Anonymous said...

Lina dice:
questi si che sono giochi sicuri per i bimbi.
Complimenti per la foto

Anonymous said...

Nonno Peppe,ha detto lo farò uguale per pisellino il mio nipotino.Troppo carino

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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