08 March 2006

Women day

Today in Italy is women day! Every man give a little yellow flower , a mimosa (the one in the shot) to his woman or to the woman he likes .

8 marzo festa della donna e le mimose sbocciano rigogliose!


midnitebara said...

how romantic.., come March 14, it is White Day here in Japan, the equivalent to valentines day but only women receive gifts.
Thats a gorgeous tree, I think I never seen one here.

bob said...

Nice shot. Are the flowers out on the trees now?

Joe said...

Yes Bob
We have a lot of trees full of mimosa flower!!! It is fantastic! even if it is still cold!

Lisi said...

Wow, this yellow is brilliant...is it spring already in Rome?

Eric said...

That is so unfair, when I thing it is still freezing cold in Paris AND rainy! No mimosa here, Joe, believe me!

Rodney said...

Nice colors! It is almost springtime!!!!

Anonymous said...

sei sbocciato come una
mimosa,odorosa e rigogliosa