27 November 2006

still hot in Rome

Still hot in Rome . Also today a sunny hot day ...too much for the period ...20 - 22 degrees ...and in the night ...fog-

Ancora caldo a Roma....Anche oggi una giornata di sole e caldo anomalo per il periodo .....


Susan said...

Oh! I love this picture! I would love to have lunch at one of those tables...in the sun! 22C = 71.6F....almost perfect temperature (well, 78-80 is perfect for me). I hate that winter is coming so looking at warm days is great. I love how the building sit right on the road...no sidewalk. It "feels" old!

Susan said...

I forgot to commend you on the link to the Katrina charitable organization. Very, very, nice of you! Thank you! Grazie!

BrianG said...

I have sympathy for the people in this great photo that are struggling with the unseasonably warm weather. Yes really, really I do! :-)

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

People here in Vienna are complaining about 11 degrees in the evenings. Too warm to enjoy the mulled wine at the open air Christmas markets, they whine. Not me. :-)

Pandora said...

Che meraviglia!!!
Da me, a Riccione, è arrivato l'inverno, la nebbia e il freddo da una settimana.
Baci a Roma, che mi manca tanto!!!

Joe said...

susan: yes winter is coming and autumn is finishing ...have a look the today (nov 28th )image.
What about Katrina charitable organization ?? I do not understand..

briang: yes ! and if u go in lunch time the scene is incredible and then strangers dress like it is summer! they are incredible ... I suffer more about little cold

merisi: I agree ...but there are also people from vienna ( like a couple I've known yesterday) who are here in holiday looking for sun and hot walks around in the center

pandora: ..mmm ... la sera anche qui scende una bella nebbia come la mattina presto ma poi il sole prende il sopravvento . Bella riccione e viale ceccarini !!!!
Bacio JOE

Susan in Atlanta said...

There is a link above your daily picture that links to Katrina charities. When I clicked on the other day, it took me to the joint website of President Clinton and Bush SR for Katrina donations.

If you didn't put it there, I suppose Google did.