19 January 2007

Caffè delle Arti

The really italian style Caffè delle Arti with the big terrace outside. It is located close to the Modern Art museum inside Villa Borghese. It's a fantastic place where you can have something to drink or to eat in a very comfortable ambient.

Il Caffeè delle arti , stupenda struttura all'interno del museo di arte Moderna è un luogo raffinato dove poter trascorrere piacevoli incontri.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see it now the whole Villa Borghese.
When I was there, it was under a restoration and we saw only a part of the building and art exhibition.
Nice weekend to you!

Joe said...

Thank U Mimmu!!!

Buon weekend anche a te

davidcwelker said...

beautiful blog. i will have to check in once in awhile. thank you.

Erik H. said...

I enjoy your photographs. We are considering a trip to Rome this spring and your photos are like a preview.

Minù said...

Meravigliosa la Galleria d'arte moderna!!!Ho magnifici ricordi dei quadri di Silvestro Lega e Telemaco Signorini!!!