02 January 2007

traffic-light juggler

A extraordinary traffic-light juggler makes his street-show while cars are stopped for the red light close to piazza Venezia. A special beginning scene for a fantastic new year

Un bravissimo giocoliere al semaforo esegue il suo show quando le macchine si fermano al rosso vicino Piazza Venezia. Una scena speciale per un fantastico anno nuovo


Magid said...

Buon natale ...

Nice pic ,,

what it feels to be a juggler ?

Dsole said...

Traffic jam... wow, do you really think it'sa good idea to start the year?? ;-)

happy new year anyway!!!

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Joe said...

magid : I think it's hard because it's rellay cold in these days

dsole: I think yes , beleive me, he makes a lot of moneys. Ciao JOE