16 April 2006

Buona Pasqua

Easter Time ! Buona Pasqua to all ! Many are cakes that about Christian tradition U can eat in Easter day . This is one closer to my origin : Napulita PASTIERA !
Really good !!!!!!!!!!!!!

E' Pasqua, ! Buona Pasqua a tutti ! Sono molti i dolci che la tradizione cristiana consiglia per il giorno di Pasqua. Questo è quello più vicino alle mie origini : La Pastiera Napoletana

Buonissima !!!!!!!!!!!


Lucio said...

I am a long way from my family at the moment, and I must say that the sight of your Easter pastry brought a tear to my eye. Not because it reminded me of my mother's cooking - which, being a good Italian boy, is always going to be the food of my heart - but because it looks so forlorn on its arctic bed of aluminium foil. In other words, it made me of my think of my own isolation in a wintry city.

It’s strange, isn’t it, how so innocuous an object can play on our emotions, acting as mirror for our deepest memories and desires? Which I guess is what every photographer knows, and what every photograph reveals: namely, that there is no such thing as an object or image capable of resisting our all-too-human urge to invest such substantial forms with significance. With apologies to Sartre, we are “condemned to meaning”. I suppose the best we can hope for is that the meanings we confer upon things (and, in turn, have conferred upon us) connect us more deeply, and more humbly, to our humanity.

In any case, you have satiated my hunger for sweet nostalgia.

Anne said...

Hmm what is it made of Joe?

dutchie said...

Looks delicious!

Lorethian said...

Looks great.


Joe said...

Lucio I love your impressions . Please do not stop leaving your comments

Anonymous said...

Si dice:
una suora, di un convento di San Gregorio Armeno,volle unire agli
incredienti della pastiera il profumo dei fiori d'arancio, per simpoleggiare la Resurrezione.

Anna said...

Très appétissant !

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.