20 April 2006



AnnJay said...

You've captured the essense of this time perfectly. You make it come alive. - Easter bunnies won't do.

Rodney said...

Nice photo! I like the reflection from the glass. It give the picture a nice feel.

Karine said...

ohh woaa.. This sculpture is so expressive!! Is it a wooden sculpture maybe ?

Lucio said...

The Agony of a Painted Heart

Your last two shots seem, to me, like companion pieces. Together, they capture the ‘spirit’ of Christ’s resurrection by using, with great skill, intrinsically physical techniques – i.e. depth of field, focal length and framing - as metaphors for a religious mystery that is more convincing when shown than when told.

For example, in the first, Christ is out of focus, and insubstantial, while in the second he is brought close to us, and becomes very substantial indeed! What is magical (and, I must say, haunting) in this latter image, is the way in which the reflections function as a transparent shroud, through which the carnivalesque horror of his battered and bloody flesh can be glimpsed, but not touched.

In other words, on the 19th of April he is rising: on the 20th, he has risen (setting aside, of course, the obvious fact that the sculpture depicts Christ on the cross, not after he has been resurrected).

I’m not sure whether any of what I have just outlined was intended, but it works for me, so I’m sticking to it!

Thanks for the great shots.

jacksonT said...

very powerful shot!

Kris said...


Joe said...

Grazie a tutti .
I love your comments
Annja and Rodney: I've made many shots in there heaste time but I felt this christ very expressive
Karine: Yes it is a wood statue and I hope to show U soon the hands ...wood become alive
Lucio: You have focused my intention ...I was in that church at lunch time and there were no people inside so I could capture my vision of this period ...contrasts in religion and vision of the real. Thanks 4 your comments
jackson and fotoaddict: Grazie