24 April 2006

Roma per due

An image from Sunday morning start of the most important sailing-race of Rome : "Roma per due" and "Roma per Tutti" . Hundred of sailing boats ( 2 categories ) start from Riva di Traiano harbour (close to Rome) to pass trough Capri island (close to Naples) and arrive in sicily and back .

More informations - you can also see the routes of all the sailing boats during the race

Un immagine dalla partenza di ieri della regata piĆ¹ importante di Roma : la "Roma per Due" e la "Roma per tutti" . Partenza dal porto di Riva di Traiano ( vicino Roma) e passaggio a largo di Capri per giungere fino in Sicilia e ritorno.

Maggiorni informazioni - E' possibile anche seguire le rotte delle imbarcazioni in gara


eurobrat said...

How dreamy to live in one of those homes on the hills behind the sailing boats.

That water looks very inviting.

Kris said...

amazing capture!

Rob Barry said...

I love that photo... did you Photoshop the ocean, or is that natural?

Anonymous said...

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